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Less carbon. More attention. Better results.  

Learn how combining Lumen's attention predictions with Scope3's carbon cost estimates can benefit the entire advertising industry.

Why Measure the Carbon Cost of Attention?


Reduce ad waste and your carbon footprint. 

Each digital ad has an impact on the environment when it’s delivered across the supply chain, whether it’s viewed or not. Measure your ads by both carbon emissions and true view time to eliminate ad waste of all kinds.

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Selective Consumer (17)

Plan Greener Media for Better Results. 

Get a macro and micro-level view of domains by carbon footprint and attention score to build custom media models with precise planning for eco-friendly and attention-first objectives.

Drive Better Outcomes.

Increase return on ad spend by optimizing ad creative, format, bidding, and inventory for attention and emissions in addition to impressions,  while measuring cross-media campaigns in a single dashboard with the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform. 


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Enter a Greener Era for Digital Advertiing.  

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